Promotional video for Vimeo. I designed and animated the psychedelic part(01:05 - 01:20) and endtag.

Vimeoのプロモーションビデオです。サイケデリックなパート(01:05 - 01:20)、とEndtagのデザインとアニメーションを担当しました。

Director/Designer: Hoon Chong
EP: Rob Appelblatt
ECD: Tim Crean
Producer: Alena McDougal
Stop Motion/Camera Man/Props: Donnie Miller
Smoke Editor: Kevin Matuszewski
Designer/Cell Animator: Masayoshi Nakamura
Designer/Animator: Frank Lee
Designer/Animator: Paul Villacis
Designer/Animator: ChiaChi Lee
Designer/Animator/CG Artist / Globe: Joe Pistono
Designer: John Yu
CG Artist/ Globe: Mike Marsek
CG Artist: Donald Pearsall
Flame Artist: John Geehreng
Sound Design and Mix: Mister Bronx Audio Post, Dave Wolfe
Voice Over: Doug Jennerich