January 18th 2015

Happy New Year 2015!



July 15th 2014

I updated with new work on movies section.


March 18th 2014

I finally made a lot of update with many new works.


August 31st 2013

Here is the latest: NYPR's Radio Rookies "Reporting your own story" video.

NYPR(New York Public Radio)のRadio Rookiesという番組のために「Reporting your own story」を作りました。


March 22nd 2013

Show reel 2013 is now up!

2013年版Show reelムービーを作りました。



February 2nd2013

Our belated annual new year video, Happy belated new year!



November 05th 2012

"Movies","Illustrations" and "Design" section have been updated.


August 2nd 2012

"TeenNick Halo Awards" won silver, and "Nickelodeon Asian Pacific American Heritage Month Promoat with Yoko Ono" won gold at BDA (Broadcast Design Awards) this year.

BDA (Broadcast Design Awardsにて「TeenNick Halo Awards」がシルバー、「Nickelodeon Asian Pacific American Heritage Month Promoat with Yoko Ono」がゴールドを取りました。

June 1st 2012

The lastest work "SVA is...", please check it out.

最新作の「SVA is...」見て下さい。


February 25th 2012

Happy belated new year!


November 8th 2011

"Movies" and "Design" section have been updated.


May 9th 2011

Who-Fu was featured on "Imager" magazine in Taiwan.



May 8th 2011

SVA Yearbook 2010 won the silver at NY ADC.

SVA Yearbook 2010がNY ADCにて銀賞を受賞しました。

April 1st 2011

Both "Hibi No Neiro" and "Spoiled Boy" were screened at Adelaide Film Festival in Australia as a part of 'O-bento' screenings.

「日々の音色」と「Spoiled Boy」がオーストラリアのAdelaide Film Festivalの「O-Bento」スクリーニングにて上映されました。

March 31st 2011

My heart goes out to Japan and its people. Do not know the words to describe, but I just hope for the peace in Japan as soon as possible and as many people being rescued.

February 15th 2011

Updated some new design work and illustration as well as some old movies.


February 1st 2011

"Spoiled Boy" MV is now nominated in Space Shower Music Video Awards Groove Video Category.

「Spoiled Boy」のMVがSpace Shower Music Video AwardsのGroove Video部門にてノミネートされました。

January 21st 2011

Who-Fu was featured on NY Japion.


January 1st 2011

Happy New Year! Please take a look at new year video.


December 18th 2010
Hibi No Neiro won C&M Special Award in Animania International Animation Festival.

日々の音色がAnimania International Animation Festivalにてスペシャルアワードを獲得しました。

November 29th 2010

The new site is up now.


November 11th 2010
Hibi No Neiro won the silver in London International Awards.

日々の音色がLondon International Awardsにて銀賞を獲得しました。

October 30th 2010
We participated in the panel discussion of Japan Media Art Festival in Sapporo.


October 15th 2010

Hibi No Neiro Won UK Music Video Awards in Best Budget category.

日々の音色がBest BudgetをUK Music Video Awardsにてとりました。